Draftly Web3 Company




8 Weeks


UI Design, User Interviews, UX Research, Prototype, A/B Testing


Draftly is a pioneering web3 platform that centers on sports fan engagement through membership. Our platform is purpose-built for sports, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Web3 to connect sports groups with their most ardent fans and members. We serve as a bridge between the two, bringing them closer together in a dynamic and interactive environment.


One of the challenges we face in building Draftly is enticing fans to join a new social platform, especially with the multitude of options available to sports fans today.


Draftly was created with a goal in mind: to enable users to quickly and easily establish their groups, while providing them with an exceptional onboarding experience. Throughout the development process, we conducted numerous user tests and surveys to ensure that we were on the right track towards launching a platform that would appeal to sports fans.


In developing Draftly, we arrived at a solution that involves prioritizing a mobile web experience for sports fans. Leveraging the power of Web3 technology, we enable token-gated access to various parts of a group, empowering creators to foster a genuine community of fans.

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