GoFundMe Design System




12 Months (Contract Project)


UI Design, User Interviews, UX Research, Prototype, Design System


GoFundMe is a popular crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and organizations to raise money for various personal, charitable, and business purposes. Users can create fundraising campaigns for causes such as medical expenses, education costs, disaster relief, community projects, and more. The platform enables people to easily share their stories, collect donations from supporters, and track their progress toward their fundraising goals.


At GoFundMe, the challenge entailed developing a comprehensive design system that accommodates diverse departments while providing designers with readily accessible components to expedite their workflow, thus ensuring consistency across projects.


The objective was to establish a scalable Design System capable of accommodating various GoFundMe brands and diverse design teams efficiently.


The solution involved creating components that facilitate plug-and-play functionality for different designers. These components were designed to be easily editable by anyone, thereby minimizing development time.

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